Sunday, December 21, 2014

A year of work and small pleasures

A low-maintenance pathway in high summer
I spent so much of this year working on other things that my garden was on its own for most of that time. The winds of summer were hard, hot, and dry, and only now are we getting close to having as much rain as we need for the trees and shrubs and perennials to be happy again. Difficult weather and the stress of drought during fall can lead to higher winter losses, and I've had this feeling that I won't know till after the spring warming, whether I'll lose any of my friends. I'm happy that so many of my garden inhabitants have been here long enough to grow the roots to keep them watered through these dry seasons, but in the dry years, worriers will worry, and hopers must hope.

I went back through my photos this morning to see what I had that I haven't posted, and found some things among the pictures of paintings, mice, and eagles that I can share as a look back on the year. As little time as I spent in it, I did really enjoy it, and rejoiced in how big the older things have grown.

I've finally been able to have happy fuchsias in pots (it was all about big enough pots and finding a bright, shady, sheltered space.)

Having a clematis finally reach the top of its tuteur:

The exuberant impulsion of a happy daylily:

The lushness of hydrangeas before the wind started:

A strawberry saying "thumbs up" about life:

So, was it a good year? The strawberry says it all.

Best wishes to you and your gardens!