Sunday, May 19, 2013

Enjoying My Garden Treasures

Twin purple rhodies
While it was dry—which was lovely, if a bit worrisome due to the lack of rain—I spent a few mornings out in the garden with my camera, really enjoying having so many beautiful flowers. Every spring the show gets better as the plants grow larger and more beautiful, and are able to make more blooms. I love doing the work of gardening, I love finding and buying the plants, creating the garden, and taking care of the plants, but having them do well and start showing off is like opening presents someone else made for you with magic.

Now that it's raining, I'm inside again, playing with the photographs. Several of them are so pretty I decided to put them up for sale on my art site. If I had any room on my walls, I'd make posters of them and put them up myself. I did order myself a t-shirt with this beauty on it:

Big purple rhodie bud about to unfurl
Some other favorites:
Clematis Asao buds opening

Columbine (Aquilegia) naturalized seedling